Joan Lascorz narrated by Joan himself. An inaccessible career is a documentary made by Uyuni Media and Kapital Hunters in 2020. Joan’s family, friends and fellow travelers accompany Joan in this story about her life and sports career: the sweet moments, the anecdotes, the accident, the spirit of improvement , the talent to go fast.

The objective of the documentary is to explain who Joan is and his situation; an audiovisual piece that reaches beyond motorsport fans: it is a human story.

Watch now on Movistar+.

Do you need to know anything else?

Where can i see it?

Una carrera inaccesible is now available on Movistar+

When it premieres?

Now avialable on Movistar+!

Who has produced it?

An Inaccessible Race is a 2020 Uyuni Media & Kapital Hunters production.

Who is the director?

Álvaro Fau

In what languages is it available?

An inaccessible race can only be viewed in VO (Spanish).
It is subtitled in 4 languages (English, French, Italian and German)

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